About Me

Profile: I have an incurrable form of dizziness. I was originally told it was going to last a few weeks. I was later diagnosed with BPPV, because of the fantastically inaccurate Hall Pike test. I was later diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo which to be fair is the closest anyone with a medical qualification came to getting to the truth. Throughout I was asked to do VRT which did nothing for my symptoms. After several years of being denied proper medical care by my GP and the lack modern medical treatments for the condition through perserverance I established what the disorder was AVA (Awynn Vestibular Affect). Unfortunately because of the failure of my GP to spot what it was the underlying disorder despite a mountain of evidence it developed the full blown symptoms which I will never fully recover from.

Diagnosis history:
  1. BPPV
  2. Labyrinthitis
  3. MAV
  4. Awynn Vestibular  Affect (AVA) (Unified Theory for Pyschologically Triggered Vestibular Disorders)
Interests: If you have a vestibular complaint you have only one interest in life.
Medical Qualifications: First Aid (lapsed).
Like: Intelligent debate, helping people, problem solving.