Thursday, 23 December 2010

Vestibular Migraine Today

I know what caused it and was able to treat it, it was a monster though. Similar episodes in the past had me in A&E, doomed with the lack of knowledge and care from the Doctors. What can they do?

Once the Migraine starts to play with the Vestibular System it is very difficult to keep control. Your sense of balance starts to go, you feel eveything including your mind spinning out of control. Vestibular Migraines are not the same as a Migraine. A Migraine cannot be stopped, a Vestibular Associated Migraine is not the same and can. I spent many 18 months in alot of discomfort before I worked this out.

It took me another 18 months before I worked out why the medications I used and various other holistic therapries worked and how to use them most effectively. I am not talking about the stuff Neurologists give out which make you lose the will to live. I am talking about drugs that treat the source of the problem whilst allowing you a LIFE.

I cannot publish this sort of advice since it would be putting people at risk. I will however be making as much medical information available as I can and pushing the right people so others can benefit. Maybe I am not the only one here with some personal success stories, please get in touch if you have had positive results from thinking outside the box.

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