Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Demosthena's Mord Sith Diary of Pain

  • Nerve Blocking Injections: During the first ten injections I sat on the operating table edge as a needle with a nerve blocking agent was injected into different parts of my back. The pain consultant asked me if I was going to pass out, I said, not yet. 10 Deep tissue injections into the shoulder and back. After these I had to lie down so they inject into muscle around the spine Cortisone using an x-ray so they don't puncture the Spinal Cord. I have had this 3 times, you don't get used to it.
  • Workstation Migraines: These develop if you continue to work at a PC without the right treatment. If you persist with VRT then you will soon get there. Your neck starts to develop muscle spasms which interfere start to trigger referred pain at the front of the head. In the last 3 years I have had a migraine during every work day (~600).
  • Tachycardia: Several times a year until I started getting the right treatment I would end up in A/E with heart rates above 200 bpm. When you heart is moving at this speed you experience anxiety of which there is no equal.
  • C1 Vertebrae manipulation: Another Medically approved but dangerous way to treat potential causes of dizziness. Was hospitalised after a treatment to the Atlas due to extreme dizziness, the manipulation caused me to lose consciousness to the point of blacking out.

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